[Ovmsdev] Volt/Ampera SOC and more

Michael Jochum mikeljo at mac.com
Fri Nov 30 03:15:18 HKT 2012


i implement the following code into the FW:

	unsigned int soc_largest = 56028;		// this is from mark, readout from the logs
	unsigned int soc_smallest = 13524;	// this too
	unsigned int v;

   	v = (can_databuffer[1]+(unsigned int) can_databuffer[0] << 8);
    	if ((v<soc_smallest)&&(v>0)) v=soc_smallest;
    	if (v>soc_largest) v=soc_largest;
    	car_SOC = (char)((v-soc_smallest)/((soc_largest-soc_smallest)/100));

i got funny Outputs in the iPhone app.
Something between 0 and 100%. Not match to the real state. Full can display as 0% or 20, or......
Empty can show as 100%, or something else.

This code (org. mark) works:

   car_SOC = (char)((can_databuffer[1]+((unsigned int) can_databuffer[0] << 8))/644);

With this i got 21-87% for the soc.

BTW: i thing it is a good idea to deactivate the minSOC warning. It is not nessary for the Volt/Ampera.

I activate the internal GPS (OVMS_INTERNALGPS) and get the position from my car.  GREAT WORK.

I got no Info about the VIN, the OVMS FW and the car type in the iPhone App. 1.3.2 build from the git.


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