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Wed Nov 21 01:44:36 HKT 2012

hi mark,

I have changed my phone to an iPhone5. could you please authorize my new device to install the new build



felix b. 

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On 20 Nov, 2012, at 21:42, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

> Bruce has submitted some nice graphics for the Twizy, and I've just added them to the iOS App and released a version to TestFlight with both Volt/Ampera and Twizy graphics. Many thanks to Bruce for his hard work on this.
> The other reason for this release is because the provisioning profile is about to expire (8 days) and this release renews it for another year.
> Regards, Mark.
> P.S. With all the Michael's working on this project, things were getting confusing. Now, having a Bruce from Australia is so much easy to remember :-)
>> From: "Bruce McMillan" <brucemcmillan at exemail.com.au>
>> Subject: Some Twizy Graphics
>> Date: 20 November, 2012 6:37:10 PM HKT
>> To: <ovmsdev at lists.teslaclub.hk>
>> Hi Mark,
>> Although I don't own a Volt at this time, I'm very interested in its progress. Of course I see you are steaming ahead with the Twizy implementation, which also helps with the ground work for other electric cars (including the Volt).
>> I applaud you all involved in the creation development of these excellent applications and of course the hard work in developing the hardware as well.
>> Hope these are of use and are of some help. There are quite a few to do, however I was only able to get these from the web site ...
>> http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/default.aspx?carID=20336&i=3#menu
>> Twizy Urban - has 4 different colours
>> Twizy Technic - has 2 different colours (I have provided 1 from this range)
>> Twizy Colour - has 9 different colours (I have provided 3 from this range)
>> Please find attached three of the Twizy Colour range vehicles and one of the Twizy Technic range.
>> ·         Diamond Black with Ivy Green
>> ·         Snow White and Flame Orange
>> ·         Snow White and Urban Blue
>> ·         Snow White with Black
>> car_twizycolour_diamondblackwithivygreen
>> car_twizycolour_snowwhiteandflameorange
>> car_twizycolour_snowwhiteandurbanblue
>> car_twizytechnic_snowwhitewithblack
>> map_car_twizycolour_diamondblackwithivygreen
>> map_car_twizycolour_snowwhiteandflameorange
>> map_car_twizycolour_snowwhiteandurbanblue
>> map_car_twizytechnic_snowwhitewithblack
>> ol_car_twizycolour_diamondblackwithivygreen
>> ol_car_twizycolour_snowwhiteandflameorange
>> ol_car_twizycolour_snowwhiteandurbanblue
>> ol_car_twizytechnic_snowwhitewithblack
>> Kindest Regards, Bruce.
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