[Ovmsdev] New features: sufficient charge alerts, ideal max range

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Nov 11 07:42:25 HKT 2012


I just checked in my latest Twizy updates:


These contain two extensions that could be generally useful:

1) As the Twizy "ideal" range varies widely depending on your driving, 
geography and environment, I implemented a feature for that config.

2) If I just need an intermediate charge for a certain SOC or range (to 
get home for example), I can now activate an alert for one or both values.

I used the next three free feature slots for these:

#define FEATURE_SUFFSOC      0x0A // Sufficient SOC feature
#define FEATURE_SUFFRANGE    0x0B // Sufficient range feature
#define FEATURE_MAXRANGE     0x0C // Maximum ideal range feature

I know, feature slots are getting full... what do you think?


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