[Ovmsdev] Internal GPS now available

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Nov 4 04:25:47 HKT 2012

For those driving budget cars without onboard GPS (like the Twizy ;):


Internal GPS integration:

- optionally use internal SIM908 GPS instead of car GPS
   (note: needs GPS antenna)
   controlled by new compiler switch: OVMS_INTERNALGPS

- will poll for GPS data once per second while driving (speed > 0)
   else once every 5 minutes to be able to trace theft / transportation

- reduced Google maps SMS to just coordinates for compatibility
   with Google Maps App

This commit contains no Twizy specific changes, should be suitable
for any other car without GPS on CAN bus.

@List: I'm a bit frustrated about having to reinvent atof(). I gave up 
on the lib version, it just produced funny float values (not 0 or 
something explainable). Found nothing helpful on the web, definitely no 
type, prototype or linker problem.

A new Twizy commit is also there, not much of a change though. Using the 
internal GPS with a decent antenna works like a charm though, quite 
accurate and fast. I intend to use the altitude to calculate a better 
energy usage / range estimation, as the Twizy estimation drops too fast 
when driving uphills.


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Fon 0202 / 272 2201 * Handy 0176 / 206 989 26

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