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I'm seeing some unusual numbers today on my iOS apps.  Park meter is showing 5537 days and I'm unable to connect to car.  Car has actually been parked about 59 hours.  Last data received about 2 hours ago.  A new cell tower was installed nearby a couple weeks ago and I now have great reception where the car is, whereas we used to have very poor or non existent coverage so this should no longer be an issue with connecting.  I noticed a similar issue with connecting 2 days ago and waking up the car (open door) cleared the trouble.  I just tried this again (waking up car) and the App was able to connect within a couple minutes.  However, park meter is still incorrect.  Let me know if you would like any additional information about the circumstances.



On Oct 12, 2012, at 4:10 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

> Firmware 1.5.1 has been built for all platforms and is now on github.
> The primary focus of this release has been adaptive reporting and simplifying provisioning. Due to the drastic reduction in cellular data usage with this release, and improvements in cellular connection handling, this firmware is recommended for all end users.
> Github issues addressed (since 1.2.9) are:
> #93 Car: Notify server/app when charge has completed
> #92 Try TCP reconnect, rather than full GPRS re-init, if server connection fails
> #90 AP via SMS
> #89 Report GSM operator
> #86 Get ICCID from SIM during startup
> #84 Detect lack of comms between PIC and modem
> #82 Adaptive Reporting
> #80 Make GSMLOCK use short service name
> #79 SMS/PUSH notify if alarm is activated
> #78 can_poll0 100 vs 102 check
> #77 Option for GSM Network selection
> #76 SMS HELP command
> #75 Car: Basic (stub only) Renault Twizy Support
> #74 Car: SETUP (DIAG)  mode for firmware
> #71 Car: Send line voltage level back to server
> #70 Car: Send hardware version along with firmware version
> #69 Wakeup temperature subsystem when car is woken up
> #58 Car: Strange range when low on power
> #57 Car: Motor temperature overflow
> Regards, Mark.
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