[Ovmsdev] Rafael - Around the world in 80 electric days

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed May 30 09:18:14 HKT 2012

He had his doubters, but hats off to Rafael for the progress he's made.

He left spain on 11th May, drove up to Germany, then DHLed the car to New York, arriving on the 21st. Now, a week later, he's reached Colorado - about 2/3rds the way across the USA.

What's the connection to OVMS? Well, he's one of our early OVMS adopters and has OVMS in his car (using a global roaming SIM), uploading status to the servers and his website. He's also using the smartphone app to get alerted to charge interruptions (and he's got a lot of charge stops along the way). The Google Maps tracking data (KML) comes directly from the OVMS status updates. He's also demonstrating and promoting OVMS every opportunity he gets (leaving a wake of impressed Tesla store staff along the way).

You can follow his progress at: http://www.1e-race.com/

Unfortunately, he can't get permission to drive through Hong Kong, so I won't get to directly support him, but he's heading to the west coast of USA now, so perhaps you guys in his path could meet up and help him out. Perhaps a convoy?


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