[Ovmsdev] Car firmware v1.2.7

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Tue May 29 03:25:14 HKT 2012

I notice that the build in vehicle/OVMS.X/dist/TR_Experimental/ got updated
for 1.2.7, but the build in vehicle/OVMS.X/dist/TR_Production/ did not.

I want to update my firmware update page to include 1.2.7. Should I use the
build from the TR_Experimental directory, do a TR_Production build myself,
or wait for an official TR_Production build?


on 5/27/12 5:58 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> Inching towards the v1.3.0 release, I've just committed to github v1.2.7 of
> the car firmware for OVMS.
> Changelog since v1.2.2 is:
> 2012-05-27 1.2.7       Preliminary firmware 1.2.7
>                        Bug fix for off-by-one-can-byte bug in roadster id from
>                        Add homelink and charge timer support, plus misc fixes
>                        Only send non-empty params to PARAMS? sms command
>                        Remove need to RESET after can write change
>                        Only NETINIT (not SOFTRESET) after a parameter change
>                        Re-label parameters internally to match new
> user-friendly names
>                        Re-work of sms command handlers to be table driven -
> saving 6% of flash
>                        Use the 6% of flash we saved to implement a bunch of
> SMS commands
>                          REGISTER?                                  Report on
> registered phone
>                          REGISTER <modulepass>                      Register
> caller phone
>                          PASS?                                      Report on
> module password
>                          PASS     <modulepass>                      Set new
> module password
>                          GPS?/GPS [<modulepass>]                    Report GPS
> location
>                          STAT?/STAT [<modulepass>]                  Report
> status
>                          PARAMS? [<modulepass>]                     Report on
> parameters
>                          PARAMS <param2> <param3> .. <paramN>       Set
> parameters
>                          MODULE? [<modulepass>]                     Report on
> module parameters
>                          MODULE <vehicleid> <units> <notifies>      Set module
> parameters
>                          GPRS? [<modulepass>]                       Report on
> GPRS parameters and status
>                          GPRS <gprsapn> <gprsuser> <gprspass>       Set GPRS
> parameters
>                          SERVER? [<modulepass>]                     Report on
> server parameters
>                          SERVER <serverip> <serverpass> <paranoid>  Set server
> parameters
>                          DIAG?/DIAG [<modulepass>]                  Technical
> diagnostics
>                          FEATURES? [<modulepass>]                   Report on
> features configured
>                          FEATURE <feature> <value>                  Set
> specified feature value
>                          HOMELINK <button>                          Activate
> homelink 0, 1 or 2
>                          LOCK <pin>                                 Lock car
> (with specified pin)
>                          UNLOCK <pin>                               Unlock car
> (with specified pin)
>                          VALET <pin>                                Activate
> valet mode (with specified pin)
>                          UNVALET <pin>                              Deactivate
> valet mode (with specified pin)
>                          CHARGEMODE <mode> <current>                Set charge
> mode (sta, sto, ran, per) and current
>                          CHARGESTART [<modulepass>]                 Start
> charge immediately
>                          CHARGESTOP [<modulepass>]                  Stop
> charge immediately
>                          VERSION [<modulepass>]                     Report
> module firmware version
>                          RESET [<modulepass>]                       Reset
> module
> 2012-05-11 1.2.5       Preliminary firmware 1.2.5
>                        LED re-work
>                        Support multiple vehicle configurations - TeslaRoadster
> and VoltAmpera
>                        NET driver tidy-ups
>                        Auto-support Tesla Roadster v1.5 cars
>                        Issue #38 - Prevent user from locking car if car is ON
>                        Issue #39 - Alert (SMS/PUSH) if trunk is opened while
> in valet mode
> I've managed to do this with very little impact to firmware size.
> Major user-visible extensions in this firmware include:
> A huge number of new SMS commands.
> Support for simplified setup steps (working on with Bennett).
> New status and error LED arrangement.
> New diagnostic SMS commands.
> Various minor bug-fixes and improvements.
> Homelink support (firmware both SMS and app protocol support - app support
> will follow).
> Charge timer support (firmware and app protocol support - app and sms support
> will follow).
> This is a major re-work of the SMS sub-system. We now have 27 commands and
> similar functionality to the GPRS smartphone apps. In particular, charge
> start/stop and mode setting is now available.
> I've also added in the homelink commands (courtesy of Fuzzylogic's CAN
> decoding skills).
> I've tested this on the bench, and it seems to work. I've also put it in my
> car 10 minutes ago, and got a network connection. That is pretty much the
> extent of my testing, so consider this pre-beta and definitely NOT for
> end-users.
> I haven't completely tested the setup of a module from scratch with these new
> REGISTER, PASS, MODULE, SERVER, GPRS commands - I hope Bennett, or someone
> else, will help with that.
> I haven't tested homelink support. I hope someone will try that (using SMS
> "HOMELINK 0" command) and let me know if it works.
> This is now pretty feature complete for the v1.3.0 firmware. I need to do the
> CHARGETIMER SMS commands, and want to re-work the social group messages to
> allow streaming of group location messages (if enabled). So, please test this
> as you can, and let me know any problems you find.
> Again, please don't put this on end-user cars yet. There has been a lot go
> into this and I need a week or so of inevitable bug fixing before it is ready
> for wider testing. There hasn't been much changes to the net subsystem since
> 1.2.5, and that seem stable, so I think it is fine to put in developer's cars.
> Regards, Mark.
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