[Ovmsdev] iOS App v1.2.8 20120520

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun May 20 10:14:12 HKT 2012

The bad news is Tom found a blocking-bug in the v1.2.8 iOS App (20120515). A nasty problem affecting new installs, with an even more nasty workaround.

Accordingly, I've had to pull it from Apple's review queue (they hadn't got to it anyway) and submit a new binary - presumably back to the back of the queue? I've also released to testflightapp.

The good news is Felix had two minor UI bugs, fixes for which have made it into this release :-)

Regards, Mark.

Open Vehicle 1.2.8 (20120520)
Team: Open Vehicles
What's New: 
v1.2.8 UI improvements (20120520) 
- Retina vehicle images 
- Current weather situation indicator 
- Location vehicle animations 
- Location lock-to-my-car feature 
- Location Groups support (preliminary) 
- UI revamp 
- App version shown in vehicle info display 
- Move Control button to car detail screen 
- Move Info button to car selection screen 
- Move GSM signal bars to car selection screen 
- Show car direction on location map 
- Support display and control of a timer-delayed charge 
- Use pump status for temp stale 
- Charge port animations 
- Stale indicators for ambient, pem, motor, battery and tpms 
- Various minor bug-fixes and stability enhancements 
- Cache weather icon 
- Auto-reconnect 10 seconds after server disconnect 
- Tidy up parameter naming 
- Support MMI/USSD codes from iOS App 
- "Imperial" Temperature display in iOS App 
- Minor layout revisions 
- Bring iPad version up to same level as iPhone
- Remove Model S images
- Change default image of DEMO car to a Tesla Roadster
- Change default ovms server to tmc.openvehicles.com

Released: May 19, 2012
Expires In: 6 months, 1 week
Size: 7.6 MB
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