[Ovmsdev] iOS App 1.2.8

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue May 15 21:33:51 HKT 2012

I still have a lot to be done on the iOS App, but so much has been done over the last month or so, that I want to get something out. So, here it goes...

I've labelled this version v1.2.8 and have just issued a testflightapp release, as well as submitted to Apple for approval.

v1.2.8 UI enhancements (20120515)
- Retina vehicle images
- Current weather situation indicator
- Location vehicle animations
- Location lock-to-my-car feature
- Location Groups support (preliminary)
- UI revamp
- App version shown in vehicle info display
- Move Control button to car detail screen
- Move Info button to car selection screen
- Move GSM signal bars to car selection screen
- Show car direction on location map
- Support display and control of a timer-delayed charge
- Use pump status for temp stale
- Charge port animations
- Stale indicators for ambient, pem, motor, battery and tpms
- Various minor bug-fixes and stability enhancements
- Cache weather icon
- Auto-reconnect 10 seconds after server disconnect
- Tidy up parameter naming
- Support MMI/USSD codes from iOS App
- "Imperial" Temperature display in iOS App
- Minor layout revisions
- Bring iPad version up to same level as iPhone

I'll continue to work on it, but that (in particular the support for Fahrenheit temperatures) should keep people happy...

Regards, Mark.

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