[Ovmsdev] Celcius vs Fahrenheit, Kilometers vs Miles

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To My knowledge both are used in europe so you can leave the pressure in PSI but someone else might think differently........

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On 9 May, 2012, at 8:16, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

> In the car module, and protocol, there is a setting for Miles vs Kilometers and all the distance based measurements (speed, ideal and estimated ranges) are sent from the module in those units.
> The protocol states that temperatures (pem, motor, battery, ambient and tpms) should be sent in celcius, and tpms pressures in PSI - and that is what is currently done.
> We don't currently convert these to user-suitable units in the iOS App. We leave them in celcius and psi.
> Doing the conversion in the App is certainly possible, but my question is how to control this and what to do?
> Options I see:
> Use the Miles/Kilometer value coming from the car.
> Use the iOS NSLocale system to read user preferences from the device itself, and convert _everything_ to that.
> Use the iOS NSLocale system to read user preferences from the device itself, and convert just temperatures/pressures to that.
> I've left out [4] "have individual settings in the app for each of temperatures, distance and pressure" as it is overly complicated.
> We could convert temperatures from celcius to fahrenheit (using Tf = (9/5)*Tc+32).
> We could convert pressures from PSI to kPa (using Pkpa = Ppsi * 6.895).
> For tire pressures, what is currently used in Europe? I still see PSI used here in Hong Kong, even thought we use Kilometers for distance, but do we need to convert this to something else? I notice the roadster still shows pressures in PSI even though the car is metric and shows kilometers. Is it OK to leave this in PSI?
> What do US cars show for ambient and tpms temperatures on the in-car VDS? Celcius / Fahrenheit?
> Regards, Mark.
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