[Ovmsdev] Mileage and consumption

Rens Meijer r.meijer at atlantis-it.nl
Tue May 8 07:02:32 HKT 2012

Hello Mark and other OVMS developers,

Last week I was doing some tests how much kWh I could  get out of the battery compared to the range. Also I am interested in how much KWh it needs to recharge the battery compared to the consumption.

One of the tests was I charged in standard mode and drive to almost empty, write down the kWh consumed on the VDS trip screen and recharged in standard mode.

I had some interesting results:
After driving about 251 km doing  161 Wh/km it consumed about 40,5 kWh
The VDS will show an ideal range and estimated range of 0 km, but by experience I know there is still juice left in the battery, but thanks to the OVMS app we can know still see how much is still left and feel a little more at ease, if we just need to go the extra mile to the charging station :)
I attached a screen shot from  the iPhone app and I must admit I giggled when I saw it first time. Let this be the future: 6552 km on one charge! But I think we hit a division by zero or something here.
Another interesting remark I configured the minimum state of charge feature at 7%, hoping that it would send me warnings. But even when I hit 6% there was no warning. Could you explain how this feature works?

Overnight I charged the car in standard mode and the next morning it showed on my kWh meter in my charging equipement and on the VDS that it used 52 kWh (so it seems to be quite accurate), but I only consumed 41 kWh during driving. My feeling is this is quite high, but I have not much data to compare this.

So I stared to make note of the driving consumption and the charging consumption.  To see with different mileage how much the losses are during charging.

So this brings me to my question is there a way we can log or export the charging and consumption data by means of the OVMS application? This would make it easier to gather the statistics. I am also interested if someone has information or an explanation for the result I am measuring.

One last question: could you explain the social group option within OVMS? Is this a way that other OVMS drivers could share their data?

Then a big thank you to all involved creating the OVMS, I really love the digital speedo meter in the dashboard. I could not do without it anymore.

BTW If any of the OVMS followers in Europe are going to:
Tesla Motors Club ‏ @TeslaMotorsClub<http://twitter.com/#!/TeslaMotorsClub>

2. RWE eRace, Nürburgring as supporting program for 24h-Rennen Nordschleife 19.5.2012 http://bit.ly/ItauNN<http://t.co/OkgjBDfa> #tesla<http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23tesla> #ev<http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23ev>

Please let me know. I am going so maybe we can meet at the event.

Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,

Rens Meijer

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