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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon May 7 10:16:21 HKT 2012

> also: what does, use pump status for temp stale, mean???

In the current car firmware, we try to determine if values are 'stale' or not. If the car no longer sends the value for some time, then we make it as stale as we want to let the user know this is an old value that is not being updated, as opposed to a value that is updated in real-time. Examples are temperatures and toms values.

In the car firmware, the logic is that if we don't see the message on the can bus for some time, we mark it as stale. Seems to work well, except for temperatures. It appears that the car continues to transmit the temperature can messages long after it stops updating the temperatures :-( The best guess is that the car subsystem that provides that data is powered down, but the VMS keeps sending out the old data. However, we think that "that little pump" in the boot of the car is on the same circuit as the temperature systems. When the car is asleep, the pump stops and the temperatures are not updated. So, for the moment I have changed the App to treat temperatures as stale if _either_ the car firmware tells us they are _or_ the pump is off (i.e.; the car is asleep). It is a workaround, and the next firmware upgrade will directly use the pump status as an input to whether temperatures are stale or not.

By the way, while here I would like to bring attention to the great work Felix is doing on this. A lot of this is off-list, so you don't get to hear about it, but Felix is the guy working with us on the iOS App design and graphics. He is making all these amazing retina graphics, and (more importantly IMHO) providing a user perspective to the design and workflow of the app. We've probably done about 2/3rds of what he has suggested, with the last bit being the settings for Features and Parameters coming soon, but I hope you can all see how much better it is now.

We're quite an unusual project in that the iOS and Android Apps are two completely separate development streams. But, what works out well is the way the Apps independently develop features, see what works, then borrow from each other to come up with the best approach for each platform. A survival-of-the-fittest kind of approach.

Regards, Mark

On 7 May, 2012, at 3:17 AM, felix bonnier wrote:

> also: what does, use pump status for
> temp stale, mean???
> best
> felix b. 
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> On 6 May, 2012, at 21:27, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
>> I've just released to testflightapp another preview of the upcoming 1.2.5 iOS App. This is build 20120506.
>> Testflightapp testers registered for the OVMS project can get it in the usual place.
>> We're getting close now. The basics are working and the last thing to do is the configuration features/parameters/advanced screens.
>> Regards, Mark.
>> <Icon.png>
>> Open Vehicle 1.2.5 (20120506)
>> Team: Open Vehicles
>> What's New: 
>> v1.2.5 preview (20120506)
>> - Retina vehicle images
>> - Current weather situation indicator
>> - Location vehicle animations
>> - Location lock-to-my-car feature
>> - Location Groups support (preliminary)
>> - UI revamp
>> - App version shown in vehicle info display
>> - Move Control button to car detail screen
>> - Move Info button to car selection screen
>> - Move GSM signal bars to car selection screen
>> - Show car direction on location map
>> - Support display and control of a timer-delayed charge
>> - Use pump status for temp stale
>> - Charge port animations
>> - Stale indicators for ambient, pem, motor, battery and toms
>> - Various minor bug-fixes and stability enhancements
>> Size: 7.6 MB
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