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Sun May 6 08:57:18 HKT 2012

binary) to the value for Feature 14 will turn off sending the vehicles
alerts to the server.

I have Feature 14 set to 1 to indicate that ours is a 2008 Roadster, so I
added 1+8=9 and sent "FEATURE 14 9", then re-enabled SMS,IP, and RESET. That
restored network comms so the OVMS app is working again, and I'm not seeing
the alerts any more.

Finally, I notice there's code to prevent OVMS from sending the same alert
more than once per minute, but if another code comes in, or the alert gets
cancelled, the 60-second timer gets cleared.

I wonder if that code should be more aggressive about limiting alert
frequency. I suspect what's happening with the Roadster is that it's
repeatedly firing and then dismissing an alert message (presumably related
to the service they are doing), which completely circumvents the timer,
resulting in a ridiculous number of alert messages.

I suspect this was happening all night, so my next phone bill may be
interesting at $2/MB.


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