[Ovmsdev] Switch to tmc.openvehicles.com

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sat Mar 31 20:53:26 HKT 2012

I'd like to move all production cars off www.openvehicles.com to tmc.openvehicles.com.

Over the coming month we're going to be doing some work on the server (to add some features), and that may mean some interruption. The server could go up and down intermittently as we work on stuff.

It would be much easier if everyone is using the production tmc.openvehicles.com server hosted by Tesla Motors Club. We're trying to keep that server as stable as possible (and as it is hosted in USA, it should be fastest for most).

To make the change:

Send an SMS to the car with "PARAMS K SMS,IP" (adjust as appropriate) and wait for the switch to occur. Or, use the apps to change the server IP parameter #4 to then reboot the car module.

On your app, switch from using www.openvehicles.com as the server to using tmc.openvehicles.com. On the iPhone this is in the Settings App of the iPhone (not OVMS app) under "Open Vehicles". On Android, you can find it on the car settings screen.

Thanks, Mark.

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