[Ovmsdev] v1.5 support

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Mar 30 09:04:09 HKT 2012


Good news regarding v1.5 roadster support.

Tom Saxton has been helping us with this, and has found a bug in the SMS part of feature #14 setting (the feature that stores the carbits for things like suppressing sms alerts and most importantly defining the car as a v1.5 roadster). With that fixed, it appears that the OVMS module works perfectly in the v1.5 Tesla Roadsters (even advanced features such as setting charge mode).

I expect to cut a v1.2.2 car firmware (to formalise support for v1.5 cars) over the weekend, and would appreciate your assistance with testing this - I'll eMail when it is ready and running in my car. It will include the fix for issue #31 (Performance mode bug fix and kludgy workaround) as well as Tom's fix for the feature #14 support. Other than that, the car firmware seems fine and is now running in a large number of cars (both developers and end-users).

I've got a pile of UI enhancements to the iPhone App from Felix, that I've been working on. I hope to get these into a testlight release this weekend as well.

And, finally, the new batch of hardware has arrived and QC tested fine. The new cable supply is looking much better - we're really happy with the new connector arrangement and quality of cable crimping. We hope to ship all outstanding back-ordered units today, to clear our backlog, and we should now have plenty of stock of modules going forward.

Regards, Mark.

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