[Ovmsdev] Java and questions

Tom Saxton tom at idleloop.com
Thu Mar 15 00:08:07 HKT 2012

on 3/14/12 8:26 AM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:

> It is possible for there to be more than 1 app connected, controlling the car,
> but not so likely.

Cathy and I are likely to be both monitoring the car from time to time. I
expected we'd coordinate on any commands sent to the car, but I wouldn't
want anything bad to happen if we both happen to send commands at the same

> The car tries to maintain a connection to the server always. There is no way
> for the app or server to message or call the car without that connection
> established.

There's evidence to suggest that the way the Leaf handles this is by sending
a text message to the car telling it to connect to the server to get
commands. This way commands only go over the presumably secure and
authenticated data connection, but the car only has to listen for text
messages when idle.


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