[Ovmsdev] 0% SOC Reported in v1.5 Roadster

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Mar 7 08:45:04 HKT 2012


Scott451's original (ground breaking) post is at:


He talks there about the 2008 roadster, and confirms 1MHz bus speed.

Your confirmation of the wales gps location and 0 SOC means the module is definitely not getting any can bus messages.

It is either a faulty board, or some other incompatibility.

Can you ask Cathy (she is your hardware support, right?) to check the continuity on connections on the MCP2551P and pins #23 and #24 on the PIC CPU?

Do you know anyone close by with a 2.x roadster that you could plug the module in, to rule out 1.5 vs 2.x incompatibility?

Regards, Mark. 

On 7 Mar 2012, at 1:35 AM, Tom Saxton wrote:

> I did the "FEATURE 12 1" SMS command, but got no response. Are those
> commands documented somewhere, or is it a "read the code" deal? (It is cool
> to be able to read the code.)
> I get the same "not charging" status with the charge port door open.
> When I do a GPS command, I get back a link to 52.042460,-3.944089 which I
> assume is the default position in Wales.
> So, it seems the OVMS module isn't getting any of these CAN messages. Is
> there a way to tell if the board is getting any messages at all?
> With Cathy's help, I checked continuity and all four pins going to the MCU
> board. They all check out, as do the four twin wires to the other connector.
> When plugged in, after the start up sequence, I get a solid green LED on
> each board and a blinking blue LED on the modem board.
> Finally, I'm sure my diag port is functional as it has been working with my
> Tattler (although the Tattler is going through some brain surgery right now
> so I can't confirm that it's working today).
> BTW, I notice the generated GPS link takes you to a static map that can't be
> scaled or panned. This makes it impossible to tell where the pin is if you
> don't recognize any features in the static map.
> I like using a simpler link that gets you a fully functional map:
>    http://maps.google.com/maps?q=52.042460,-3.944089
> Also, I'm also not a big fan of the Tesla logo for the pin, but I have an
> unusual history with the company that may be coloring my attitude on that.
>    Tom
> on 3/5/12 5:38 PM, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> Tom,
>> Good to have you aboard.
>> We haven't been able to test the module on 1.5 cars (which is why we're only
>> shipping to end-users with 2.x cars). The problem we've had is that all the
>> developers involved have 2.x cars.
>> That said, the module _should_ work in a 1.5 car. Scott451 did the original
>> bus decodes on a 1.5 car, and while there are some differences, he did
>> document the messages (but we haven't been able to verify this as we have with
>> the 2.x cars).
>> First, some trivia:
>> Our current master document on CAN bus messages is at:
>> https://github.com/markwj/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/blob/master/vehicle/C
>> ar%20Module/canbus_notes.txt
>> and that includes all of Scott451's published work, plus our own additions.
>> The SOC message is on the CAN bus - message ID#100, B1=0x80. There is
>> supposedly no difference between the 1.5 and 2.x models for this message.
>> To get the charging messages correctly, you will need to set the CARBITS
>> feature to a 2008 model roadster. An SMS command:
>> FEATURE 15 1
>> should enable bit#1 of the carbits, and permanently record this as a 2008
>> roadster.
>> The "Not charging" just means the charge port door is closed (or bit#2 of B2
>> on id#100 B1=0x96 is zero). The SOC and Ideal range being zero is similar zero
>> (default) values.
>> So, either none of these messages are getting from the CAN bus to the module,
>> or the messages are completely different on a 1.5 car. I suspect the former.
>> Can you try:
>> a) A "GPS" SMS command - do you get a location in Wales (default), or the true
>> location?
>> b) Open the charge port door, and repeat the "STAT" command - do you get a
>> charging reply?
>> and let us know the result?
>> The problem could also just be a faulty module (we had some factory soldering
>> issues with early modules), so please verify the soldering looks good, and
>> trace continuity test, particularly on the CAN bus side? Or, a loose
>> connection on the CAN bus cables (two pins CAN-L and CAN-H), so can you check
>> that with a continuity tester? If you have the opportunity, you could try it
>> in a 2.x roadster.
>> There is a wiring schematic at:
>> https://github.com/markwj/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/raw/master/vehicle/Ca
>> r%20Module/OVMS_V5a.png
>> My guess for this problem is a loose/broken cable on the CAN bus side -
>> somewhere between the DIAG connector and the telco-style jacks connecting to
>> the PIC motherboard.
>> It would be really helpful if you could help us test this and iron out any
>> wrinkles for the 1.5 cars. We've had some enquiries from 1.5 end-users, but
>> have told them to hold-off for the moment until we can verify things work in a
>> 1.5 car.
>> Regards, Mark.
>> On 6 Mar 2012, at 8:39 AM, Tom Saxton wrote:
>>> I just got the OVMS board plugged into our v1.5 Roadster. I haven't jumped
>>> through the hoops to get a data plan on my SIM card yet, so I'm just using
>>> SMS.
>>> I registered my phone and changed my password. Those commands worked as
>>> expected. I then did a STAT and got back:
>>>   Not charging
>>>   Ideal Range: 0 Km
>>>   SOC 0%
>>> It's true that it's not charging, but the car is actually at 96% and 185
>>> ideal miles.
>>> What should I do next?
>>>   Tom
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