[Ovmsdev] GPS SMS Response

Michael Stegen michael at stegen.com
Wed Mar 7 05:11:49 HKT 2012

This code was copied from my RCM code which uses the Tesla pin. I liked 
it better then a standard pin.

The fully zoomable map might indeed be better then a static picture.
Feel free to modify the code, or if there is enough demand, we could 
change the code ofcourse.


Op 6-3-2012 20:36, Tom Saxton schreef:
> I notice that the SMS response to the GPS yields a gigantic link to a static
> map that can't be zoomed or panned. This makes it very difficult to figure
> out where the car is if you don't happen to recognize any of the features
> shown in the map.
> I prefer a simpler link that takes you to a fully functional map:
>      http://maps.google.com/maps?q=52.042460,-3.944089
> Also, I'm also not a big fan of the Tesla logo for the pin, but I have an
> unusual history with the company that may be coloring my attitude on that.
>      Tom
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