[Ovmsdev] 0% SOC Reported in v1.5 Roadster

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Tue Mar 6 09:38:24 HKT 2012


Good to have you aboard.

We haven't been able to test the module on 1.5 cars (which is why we're only shipping to end-users with 2.x cars). The problem we've had is that all the developers involved have 2.x cars.

That said, the module _should_ work in a 1.5 car. Scott451 did the original bus decodes on a 1.5 car, and while there are some differences, he did document the messages (but we haven't been able to verify this as we have with the 2.x cars).

First, some trivia:

Our current master document on CAN bus messages is at:
and that includes all of Scott451's published work, plus our own additions.

The SOC message is on the CAN bus - message ID#100, B1=0x80. There is supposedly no difference between the 1.5 and 2.x models for this message.

To get the charging messages correctly, you will need to set the CARBITS feature to a 2008 model roadster. An SMS command:
should enable bit#1 of the carbits, and permanently record this as a 2008 roadster.

The "Not charging" just means the charge port door is closed (or bit#2 of B2 on id#100 B1=0x96 is zero). The SOC and Ideal range being zero is similar zero (default) values.

So, either none of these messages are getting from the CAN bus to the module, or the messages are completely different on a 1.5 car. I suspect the former.

Can you try:
a) A "GPS" SMS command - do you get a location in Wales (default), or the true location?
b) Open the charge port door, and repeat the "STAT" command - do you get a charging reply?
and let us know the result?

The problem could also just be a faulty module (we had some factory soldering issues with early modules), so please verify the soldering looks good, and trace continuity test, particularly on the CAN bus side? Or, a loose connection on the CAN bus cables (two pins CAN-L and CAN-H), so can you check that with a continuity tester? If you have the opportunity, you could try it in a 2.x roadster.

There is a wiring schematic at:


My guess for this problem is a loose/broken cable on the CAN bus side - somewhere between the DIAG connector and the telco-style jacks connecting to the PIC motherboard.

It would be really helpful if you could help us test this and iron out any wrinkles for the 1.5 cars. We've had some enquiries from 1.5 end-users, but have told them to hold-off for the moment until we can verify things work in a 1.5 car.

Regards, Mark.

On 6 Mar 2012, at 8:39 AM, Tom Saxton wrote:

> I just got the OVMS board plugged into our v1.5 Roadster. I haven't jumped
> through the hoops to get a data plan on my SIM card yet, so I'm just using
> SMS.
> I registered my phone and changed my password. Those commands worked as
> expected. I then did a STAT and got back:
>    Not charging
>    Ideal Range: 0 Km
>    SOC 0%
> It's true that it's not charging, but the car is actually at 96% and 185
> ideal miles.
> What should I do next?
>    Tom
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