[Ovmsdev] Cool down

Bennett Leeds bennettleeds at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 11:14:56 HKT 2012

I've been doing 220volt 15 amp charging to cool the battery. Like Tom, I
manually stop it when the battery temp reaches 80F. Like Mark, I found that
low amp charges didn't cool the battery as much - I'll speculate that Tesla
probably sees the low amperage and figures that it can't waste as much
juice cooling the battery, and that a slow charge won't really heat it up

Have you thought about parameters for the CoolDown function?
- Desired End Temperature
- Amperage to Use
- Maximum length of time to run

Also, have you considered an "Auto" feature, where when OVMS sees the car
is plugged-in but not charging and that the battery temp is high,
automatically kicks on to cool it? The max run time parameter is kind of a
safety feature to avoid running too long at high prices.

- Bennett
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