[Ovmsdev] Fwd: Open Vehicle 1.2.9 (20120606) is now available

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Jun 6 21:47:27 HKT 2012

This one may be buggy, so take care.

It has homelink support (which needs testing, please).

It also has some bug fixes and provisional support for the temperate, speed and distance units conversion (see settings in Settings App).

Note that settings also has a new privacy setting "Share Vehicle Colour". If enabled, it will share you vehicle colour to any groups you subscribe to (so other users subscribing to the same group can see your car in the correct base colour).

Regards, Mark.

> Open Vehicle 1.2.9 (20120606)
> Team: Open Vehicles
> What's New: 
> Bug fixes and enhancements:
> - Issue #52: iOS App: Homelink support
> - Issue #55: iOS App: Cars EDIT mode looks strange
> - iOS: Show actionsheets in window, to fix cancel-button obscured by tab bar
> - Temperature, Distance and Speed Preferences. Callout labels on Location.
> - Fix problem handling groups with spaces
> - Work-around crash for features and parameters HUD view with no view
> Released: June 6, 2012
> Expires In: 5 months, 3 weeks
> Size: 7.6 MB

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