[Ovmsdev] Test RC4

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sun Feb 19 12:36:55 HKT 2012


I think this was too quick - the server didn't log any of this. Without an App connected, the car only reports every 10 minutes. With an App, every minute or immediately if the charge state or substate changes.

Can you try again, but this time with an App connected. All I really need is (a) start charge, (b) wait for heating to start and for the App to show it (perhaps a minute or two), (c) VDS STOP the charge, (d) let me know the time.

What I'm looking for is the by-request state when the charge is stopped and the car goes back to preparing-to-charge state.

Another one that many be useful would be to see the transition out of heating into charging. For that, we'd need (a) start charging, (b) wait for heating to start, (c) wait or heating to end, (d) wait for charging to start, (e) let me know the time. Again, with an App connected for as much of the time as possible (or at least connect with the App whenever you see a state change).

Thanks, Mark.

P.S. I have a log from Michael, that may help. I'll look through it now.

On 19 Feb, 2012, at 12:03 PM, Jack West wrote:

> Test time. (HK)        Action
> 11:54.              Open charge port, connect cable, slide pilot on, heating begins (7amps)
> 11:55.              VDS 'stop'
> 11:56.               VDS 'start'
> 11:57.               Slide pilot off
> Jack

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