[Ovmsdev] little problem/feature needed/debug

Michael Stegen michael at stegen.com
Sat Feb 18 21:17:36 HKT 2012

Sonny, Mark,

Thanks for the update.

Yes i see that it's sent:
[TX] C4,3,SMS,IP

When refreshing the data i can see that it still set to SMS,IP
[RX] c3,0,3,32,SMS,IP
But no push messages, only SMS
- Rebooted the module, still displayed as SMS,IP
- Rebooted phone, and it's back to SMS only.
Refreshing the data shows SMS,IP in the TCP log.  (app does not change, 
still SMS only)

I tried setting it to IP only, rebooted the phone +  module, Now i do 
receive IP messages (only).

Mark, can you see in your server logs if these push messages have been 
sent out?

Ref the Charge Current, you can not set it higher that the pilot signal 


Op 18-2-2012 4:07, Sonny schreef:
> Everyone,
> Thanks for the reports. Here are some updates for the Android app in 
> the market:
> 1. The PIN and current entry bugs are fixed. Sorry about the new bugs.
> 2. Screen rotation for the first two tabs are disabled for now because 
> horizontal screens are getting too crowded on phones. I'm working on a 
> new custom horizontal layout. Rotation will be enabled soon.
> 3. A new 4x1 home screen widget has been added to the latest version. 
> Please note that it will only show up in the add widgets list when the 
> app is installed inside phone memory (not SD card). This seems to be 
> an Android restriction.
> 4. The widget is highly experimental and will be improved over 
> upcoming updates. The way the app works now is that it closes the 
> server TCP connection when it goes to background. As such, the 
> widget's data can refresh only when the main app is opened. While I 
> want to keep the TCP shutdown behavior, in the next version, at least 
> the parking meter will remain live all the time.
> 5. The app has been over 5MB in size for some time. 90%+ of that goes 
> to the very nice car layout graphics (one for each roadster color). As 
> a low priority task, I'm going to make the app download the car images 
> the first time you use them. This will make app updates speedy and 
> conserve some bandwidth for limited data plans.
> Michael, can you check the TCP log in the Android app to see if SMS,IP 
> is sent after you tap commit? And when you tap refresh, does SMS,IP 
> show up in the TCP log, under [RX] prefix? Thanks.
> Sonny

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