[Ovmsdev] Firmware enhancements -> 1.2.0-rc4

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Feb 17 22:50:23 HKT 2012

I'm planning to work on the car firmware this weekend, hopefully making a 1.2.0-rc4 with the following changes:

Fix net_puts_rom, net_puts_ram handling of empty strings.
Treat HEATING state as car charging (force charging bit high).
Refuse to start charge if charge port not open. Refuse to stop charge if car not charging.
Tidy up car_charging and stopped charging alerts.
Implement a command 16 to set charge mode and current in the same message.
Change logic for commands 10,11,12 and 15 to NOT send battery status message immediately.
Change can.c to detect changes in battery status and send that as an immediate status update (this and [6] should improve the UI in the Apps so that when you start/stop a charge, etc, the UI gets updated cleaner).
Triple-check notifications for charge stopped vs done.
Try to report charge and trip stats to server (if time allows).

I'll also double-check the charge mode and limit commands from the prototype iPhone App, and fix anything I find wrong.

To help people's testing, given the Android problems, I'm committing my work-in-progress iPhone App to git now. You should be able to use it in the iPhone simulator (or build and run on your phone if you've paid your dues to Apple). Some notes:

When the car is plugged in, a graphical representation will appear on the Battery screen. Slide right to charge, left to stop.
Note: the UI on updates from the car is not perfect here, and will need the above rc4 firmware fix to be cleaner.
Note: the function works, it is just the UI updates that are counter-intuitive (stop charge - ok, stopped, no charging, no stopped!)

Tapping on the battery will bring up an screen to allow you to change charge mode and current limit.
Note: At the moment, only change one at a time - if you change both only the mode will be set correctly. Firmware support rc4 is required to get this working better.
Note; Set higher currents than is permitted by the plug has been UNTESTED. Hopefully the car will handle this gracefully, but please don't do this until I've had a chance to check the behavior. If you are brave/dumb enough to try this, please let me know the result.

On the Car screen, tapping on the lock will allow you to lock/unlock the car. The PIN requested is the vehicle pin.
Note: Non-US cars have immobilisers fitted. Even if you unlock the car with the App, the alarm will still be enabled and the car can't be driven until you unlock with the key fob. US cars don't have this issue (but are much easier to steal ;-)

On the Car screen, tapping on the valet will allow you to enable/disable valet mode. The PIN requested is the vehicle pin.
Note: This is cool. Give the car to the valet, walk away and enable valet mode from your phone - no more having to enter the PIN while the guy looks over your shoulder.

On the Car screen, tapping on the engine compartment will prompt you if you want to wake up the car.
Note; A sleeping car has no water pump (rear-right of the car) noise. An awake car has this noise of water rushing through pipes.

Most of the stuff on Cars/i/Control no longer works (as it has been moved away).

Sorry, but the iPad version has not yet been done. I'm getting the iPhone stuff working first, then will copy it over.

It is a work-in-progress, and may be buggy. Live with it.

Enjoy, Mark

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