[Ovmsdev] 1.2.0-rc7

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sat Feb 25 00:07:24 HKT 2012

I've just committed 1.2.0-rc7, with a couple of changes. Here is the changelog for rc6 and rc7:

2012-02-24 1.2.0-rc7   Release Candidate #7 for end-user firmware
                       SOC Alert when SOC<5% (SMS and PUSH notification, when car is off and SOC<5%, every 12 hours)
                       Tighten up StartCharge command restriction to refuse if charge substate=0x07 (connect power cable)

2012-02-23 1.2.0-rc6   Release Candidate #6 for end-user firmware
                       Tighten up restrictions on sms notification charging=done
                       Remove sms notification on telephone call

The changes to rc6 were to check again during sms notiications to ensure that the charge state is 'stopped' or 'preparing' (for stopping during heating) before alerting, and to not SMS alert on incoming telephone call.

The small change to rc7 was to tighten up the StartCharge command to also check the charge substate and make sure it is not 0x07 (power cable unplugged) before issuing the start charge can command.

The big change to rc7 was to a add a feature in response to all the news about bricking Tesla Roadsters. The OVMS module will not check battery SOC once every ten minutes. If it is below 5% (in the current mode) and the car is OFF, the OVMS module will alert (by both SMS and PUSH notification) once every approximately 12 hours until such time as the car either starts or SOC rises to 5%. It will give a grace period of 1 hour after the car is stopped, to allow the SOC to get to 5%, before checking (and alerting). This feature is in addition to the less 'nagging' minimum-SOC feature that Sonny contributed. It is enabled by default, but can be disabled at compile time in ovms.def.

This is ok on the bench (where it is a lot easier to test SOC<5%), and will go in my car tomorrow. Assuming no problems, we should be done and 1.2.0 release can be cut this weekend.

Regards, Mark.

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