[Ovmsdev] CAN Bus ID Data Byte Numbering Problem

mikeljo at me.com mikeljo at me.com
Sun Dec 30 03:14:20 HKT 2012

Hi everyone,

we have a little big Problem. :-)

Computer Nerds, programmer etc. start counting by 0 (zero).
The CAN Bus Data Byte descriptions say D1, D2, ... , D8

5EC 8 FE 47 69 00 00 00 00 00
So, what do you mean with Byte 2? Is it 47 or is ist 69?

As a programmer i say it is 69.
But other People say it is 47.

I think it is essential that we have one base.
Lets start counting with 0. So the value from above is 69.

Michael J.

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