[Ovmsdev] OVMS VIN 4E9->4F1->4E1 (was OVMS VIN 4E9->4F1)

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Thu Dec 27 23:58:11 HKT 2012

Am 27.12.2012 um 01:11 schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net>:

> Now, on to the other messages (I spoke about yesterday in the other thread). I'll try to drum up some interest in the forums to see if anyone can help with the decodes. It would be good if you could do the same.

And here some first results from tachy:

CANUSB mit DashDAQ kombiniert bringts! Ich habe soeben den Code für das Ladegerät (Ladestrom/Ladespannung) rausbekommen:

5EC Byte 3 Ladestrom Einheit 0.2 A (Bsp: 14.2 A = 47h)
5EC Byte 4 Ladespannung Einheit 2 V (Bsp: 222V = 6Fh)

He works with a DashDAQ and a CANUSB, both connected with a ODB2 Y-Cable.
So he find the Charging Current und Charging Voltage:
5EC Byte 3 Charge Current Unit 0.2 A (Example: 14.2 A = 47h)
5EC Byte 4 Charge Voltage Unit 2 V (Example: 222V = 6Fh)

Fast enough?

BUT!!! This IDs doesn't exist in my Logs. i Think the DasDaq send a Command to get this ID.

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