[Ovmsdev] sprintf / crashes

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Dec 21 23:42:00 HKT 2012


sorry, been busy :)

I've just merged and checked all your latest changes on both branches, 
everything's ok and pushed up to date now. I read the diag data 
definition when I needed the simulator but did not recognize it was not 
ROM... the linker memory map is very helpful in identifying the 
ressource usages, I already searched for that function.

>>> Going forward, do you still want to maintain and work off your 
>>> clone, or would it be easier if I just gave you write access to the 
>>> main project? Your contributions are so helpful and good, that there 
>>> is little I am having to do other than just accept them :-)

I feel honored :-) I've no personal preference for my clone repo. Beta 
code can always be pushed as a separate branch first. So let's go 
forward :-)

> Still looking, but I reckon the problem is more likely to be sprintf() 
> or library based than our net / net_msg / sms handlers.

I also think so, especially as my current firmware has been a lot more 
stable than before the sprintf() rework. I'll rewrite the complex 
sprintf() calls in the net modules next.


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