[Ovmsdev] User/Password Terminology

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Apr 27 13:16:28 HKT 2012

Almost all end-users that have given feedback have expressed confusion over the many users and passwords in the OVMS system, and which ones should be used where.

Bennett has offered to help out with this, and I'm working with him.

The first step is standardization of the terms. What we have agreed is as follows:

Openvehicles.com Username and Password (used in iPhone App Settings, for future work, and the username is currently used when registering a car).

OVMS Module Password (the password used for SMS control and Paranoid Mode encryption).

OVMS Server Password (the password shared amongst the car, server and apps for authentication and encryption).

Cellular Network APN, Username and Password (the APN, username and password provided by the cellular network provider and needed for GPRS).

I am going to change the iPhone App to ensure that standard naming is used. I'll also work with Sonny so he can change the Android App.

Bennett is going to change the manual to also reflect this change, and try to make things clearer.

We'll then try to co-ordination a release of the three parts.

Regards, Mark.

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