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Sun Apr 22 22:44:04 HKT 2012


Don't bother. Really not worth it. Issue #31 is the only bug that could affect you, and we have a workround at the server level so you won't even see it. Issue #32 and the Tesla Roadster v1.5 support is not required by the current 2.x users.

That said, future releases will have new functionality for existing owners, and we need a plan to be able to update you guys. Currently, we are planning on addressing this in two ways:

Regional support volunteers who will upgrade firmware for users in their area. You send or take your module in to them, they upgrade the firmware (a 60 second job) and give/send it back to you. The OVMS installation thread on TMC has a list of regional support contacts, and these currently are:
Germany: nikwest - Support contact for Germany.
Hong Kong: foxium - Installation and firmware support.
Hong Kong: markwj - Installation and firmware support.
Netherlands: fuzzylogic - Hardware and firmware support.
Switzerland: pi.uhl - Installation and firmware support.
USA: PV-EV - I would be willing to reflash any US user's OVMS if that is necessary in the future for firmware updates. The owner would need to send the unit to me along with return postage for US Priority mail.
USA:S-2000 Roadster - Firmware support and general car module issues (Seattle area in particular).

Self-update via PICKIT. Tom's suggestion here (which seems sensible) is to use the older PICKIT2 rather than newer PICKIT3. The official PICKIT2 costs about US$35, and there are ebay clones available for US$25 upwards. The reason to use PICKIT2 (rather than PICKIT3) is that there is a free utility that allows you to take a .hex file of firmware and in-circuit-program it very simply. Tom has offered to look into this in more detail, to see if some simple instructions can be prepared.

Regards, Mark.

On 22 Apr, 2012, at 1:37 PM, felix bonnier wrote:

> how do I get this version into my unit?  I am not a techie!!  please help......
> :-)
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> On 21 Apr, 2012, at 16:40, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:
>> We're pleased to say that OVMS End-User firmware 1.2.2 has now been declared stable and will be provided with all new units shipping from next week onwards.
>> The new firmware brings with it:
>> Issue #31 - Performance mode bug fix and kludgy workaround
>> Issue #32 - Bug in net_sms handling CARBITS feature #14
>> Tesla Roadster v1.5 tested compatible and supported
>> The last one says it all. This new firmware adds support for v1.5 Tesla Roadsters.
>> The user guide has also been updated to matching version 1.2.2 to improve installation documentation and describe the support for v1.5 Tesla Roadsters.
>> https://github.com/markwj/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/blob/master/doc...
>> Thanks to Tom for his help in getting this working.
>> Regards, Mark.
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