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Bennett Leeds bennettleeds at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 12:18:10 HKT 2012

I'm surprised the "view of the car from the top" image didn't work -
that would have been my first thought.

If you are wedded to this image then my main suggestion is to flip the
image whenever it would be upside down. This might create some weird
effects on roads that are almost vertical as it changes from 89
degrees to 91 degrees, but maybe if the car image flips only at 85
degrees and 95 degrees rather than a hard line at 90 degrees (which is
true vertical) you'd lose the oscillating back and forth on near
vertical roads.

You might also remove the ground shadow from the car image.

If you're not wedded to a car image, then you could use the generic
GPS "you" image (see attached).

If you're in the mood to add features, seeing the current speed would be cool.

- Bennett

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> Guys,
> I've been working on tidying and cleaning up the iPhone App, and am now looking at the Location tab.
> First thing I've done is revamp the code to handle location changes and support car bearing. I've also done an interface for social groups, and tidied up the object model for all this. The last step is to enable the display of cars for selected social groups.
> I've put a couple of youtube videos up to show what it looks like:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6DmRPfX3_8
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxN16qN7h5E
> I'm interested in your opinion on the car image used. The problem is the rotation of the car, and the image perspective we use, leads to some strange upside-down appearances. I tried changing to the top-down car (as used on the "Car' tab to show TPMS, etc), but it really doesn't look nice.
> What do people think? Is it ok without re-doing a whole new set of images?
> Regards, Mark.
> P.S. The demo is done with a car called RALLY. The data comes from last summer's round-Hong-Kong-rally. We took GPS data from the Alpine head unit, with location streamed once every two seconds, and play it back as if a car is driving it (with car bearing derived very roughly as the bearing between the location now and the location 2 seconds ago - so it is a bit jumpy). Real Tesla Roadsters seem less jumpy on the direction (I guess they smooth the GPS data over more than 2 seconds). You can see another visualisation of the round Hong Kong rally data here.
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