[Ovmsdev] Volt/Ampera development??

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Wed Apr 11 11:52:42 HKT 2012


From my understanding, the US Volt has an App, but the EU version (Ampera?) won't.

Regardless, there is interest because the manufacturer Apps give you what the manufacturer wants you to see, not necessarily what you want. Case in point: SOC on the Leaf.

Regards, Mark.

On 11 Apr 2012, at 11:49 AM, felix bonnier wrote:

> Hi there saw on the forums that someone was asking for a volt/ampera module and app based on the OVMS for the roadster.....?!  They already have an app that, what I understand, works great!  So why develop another one with an external module that needs time and lots of effort to find the right CAN messages etc.......??  Just me not getting something fundamental, or????!
> felix b.
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