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felix bonnier felixtb at me.com
Sun Apr 1 20:48:50 HKT 2012

hi mark,

for us whom are less tech inclined, with first set of production modules on the current firmware.  what do we do to flash our modules?  please inform since I'm sure we're all quite interested in the upgrade


felix b. 

PS:-  THANKS for the great work and dedication to this project!!!!!!!!!!!

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On 31 Mar, 2012, at 13:25, Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net> wrote:

> Car firmware 1.2.2 has been committed to github. Changes since 1.2.0 are:
> 2012-03-30 1.2.2       End-User firmware 1.2.2
>                        Issue #31: Performance mode bug fix and kludgy workaround
>                        Issue #32: Bug in net_sms handling CARBITS feature #14
>                        Tesla Roadster v1.5 tested compatible and supported
> Issue #31 was a minor issue, affecting performance mode. It is a good fix to have in your cars.
> Issue #32 brings support for 1.5 Tesla Roadsters (thanks to Tom for all his hard work on this).
> I'd appreciate your help by flashing this to your car modules and let me know if you see any problems. We'll probably start shipping this as the standard firmware from sometime mid-to-late next week.
> Thanks, Mark.
> P.S. You can see the code changes with "git diff -r 478c3588d11aa4fd5f30359997fe16d2ee0d34b1 vehicle/OVMS.X/*.c vehicle/OVMS.X/*.h vehicle/OVMS.X/*.def". Really minimal, and the entire patch is only 151 lines.
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